Friday, May 10, 2013

RRD, Lanai

Best place to have solo sunset session, Thanks Dee for the photo.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful Sunday fun day hike

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pismo 2013 Kite Expo

DeeDee and I decided to get off Maui for the weekend and head to the 11th annual Pismo Kite Expo. We hopped on a plane Thursday, arrived in Los Angeles Friday morning and headed up to the Central California Coast for the 2013 Pismo Beach Kite Expo. 

Always love flying with Dee, we fly standby and every now and then we get first class.  I always have my finest collared shirt on hand just in case they pull out the first class ticket. 

After the long but scenic drive from LA to Pismo, we arrive to to the beautiful weather; sunshine and light winds. It's not really a kite event unless there's no wind for the first couple of days right.....

I actually prefer no wind for about a day our two of all events so people can check out what companies  came out with from the year before.

The new 2013 RRD Obsessions look awesome, finally got to try them in Pismo and loved them. Great colors this year too. This is their freestyle kite and yeah, big is the name of the game with this thing.

The 2013 RRD Visions looks like they've been upgraded a lot from last year.  Felt like they had a little more low end and of course the colors look a lot better than 2012. These kites are super easy to fly! When people come to Maui and didn't bring a small enough kite we let them borrow our Visions, they also behave great in gusty conditions. Good all around kite which is why it is their all terrain kite.

These are what DeeDee and I fly out here in Maui, 2013 RRD Religion. Super durable, great low end with lots of de-power allowing you to ride the waves. Great low aspect kite which is why it works so good in the waves.

The guys from Live2Kite always put up a nice booth, with gear from RRD, Mystic and now Axis Kiteboards.  No wonder the Live2Kite booth had lots of visitors. Thanks again Gerrit, Jacob, Slawek and Jeff for setting it all up and hanging out till the very end each day. Lucky it paid off for you guys on Sunday when the wind finally pulled through!!!

Not quite enough wind to go out on the water the first day but it was good to catch up with people and see all the new latest and greatest gear for 2013.

Slawek got tired of standing around and hopped on a land board to show off the new 2013 RRD Obsession 

Pismo Beach has the perfect terrain for land boards, miles of flat hard packed sand. 

I've tried it before and never really was motavaited to get back on one, but then again Slawek made it look fun.

Look at that face, what a Rockstar!!!!

Looks like Slawek is missing the snow.....

He was even giving free lessons trying to spread the stoke. 

Jamy Donaldson went for it on his longboard. Good seeing you buddy.

After the end of the first day of the event we all quickly packed up and heard a rumor that there was a bit more wind about an hour up the coast.

So of course we all had to go check it out and sure enough right bellow Hearst Castle there was a nice sea breeze with just enough wind to throw up some big kites. I've never heard of the Hearst Castle and after doing a little of research what and interesting place. I hear you can still find wild Zebras roaming around the area from years ago when William Randolph Hearst let them all free.

Gerrit pumped up a 12m RRD Obsession and went for it. 

The wind was slowly backing off but Gerrit and Jeff still went out and got their fix.

Gerrit going out with one of the locals watching....

Light wind and small surf is always fun especially if your on the right gear.

Couple of ramps for the twin tippers....

With all the elephant seals on the beach and the wind dropping I made the decision to hang an the beach and get some photos for the Live2Kite crew. Lol!!!!

These guys look friendly but step a foot to close and they open up their mouth and start making noises at you. Still cute little guys though. 

I guess these were all females but different times of the year males show up and can weigh up to 3000 pounds.

There were tons of elephant seals that were obviously used to people walking around so close to them.

Just north of San Simeon is this killer spot, I must say not a beginner spot at all. With rocky shoreline, kelp beds and large elephant seals hanging out I would not want to swim in at a spot like this. Just think what eats elephant seals in these clod waters...

Aww how cute is that face.

Radoslav was one of the last guys out, 13.5 RRD Obsession and a surfboard.

A few more,

Last one.

What an great day, not to much wind at Pismo for the event. A short drive and surely you will find wind this time of year in Central California.

The 2013 RRD Obsession performed well in the light winds as I was very impressed. Seeing that there was almost no wind on the inside he still managed to make it in with out dropping the kite. Nice Job Radoslav!!!!

This year's Live2Kite mascot, Gerrit's beautiful little dog "George" 

When ever you see this van you can count on a good time. Thanks again guys for showing up with all the goods!!!

The last day of the event they held the raffle first so if and when the wind came up people weren't scrambling trying to ride and see if they won anything.

Gerrit was there to give away the 2013 Axis Vanguard to the lucky winner, She looked pretty happy to win a new board.

Congratulations Danielle, nice new ride!!!!

DeeDee scored a photo of her in the latest issue of The Kiteboarder Mag. Local Kiter Secret Agent scored her autograph. 

These new Limited Axis boards were the hot ticket to ride, everyone of them were demoed out after the wind picked up. I'm not much of a "twin tipper" anymore but if I was these look like the board to have. Lots of great feedback form people that got a chance to give them a ride.

As always, Mystic had all their killer Harnesses out to show off. Of course I had to scoop one up for myself.

If ever in the bay area be sure to go by the shop, with all different gear no wonder its the biggest and most popular shop on the west coast.

Every year RRD usually has the most Kites on the beach and when the wind comes up they are gone. The Pismo Beach Kite Expo is a great place to come and demo out gear, not only from Live2Kite but a lot of the other major companies are there to let you try out their gear.

Secret Agent was there, Love seeing this guy every year. 

Good times with good friends. This was the 5th Expo I've been to and every year it just keeps getting bigger and better. A big thanks to Marina Chang and all the staff from The Kiteboarder Magz. Also thanks to Maui Mike for feeding the entire event year after year.

Around 2:30 the wind came up, those who were patient enough to wait out day three got a few hours of riding in.

My buddy Ken Jones from So. Cal. showed up and picked up a couple new 2013 obsessions. 

Love the scenery this time of year.

This year we had the pleasure of having Jacob Buzianis with is at the Live2kite booth. I visited him and Slawek this winter in Utah, man does he kill it in the snow.

RRD and Axis not a bad combination.

I got a chance to try the new Axis Pure Wave and 2013 RRD Vision, fun little onshore wave session.
Thanks for the Photo Paul Lang.

Looks like he found some smooth flat water on the inside.

Ken Jones going for the strapless airs

The 11th annual Pismo Kite Expo turned out to be a great weekend. I had a lot of fun, even with only 1out of 3 days to ride it was totally worth the trip. As always good times with great people. Count DeeDee and I in for next year. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event possible.